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On September 1, 2013 SQL Server Customer Advisory Team published three eBooks:

  1. SQLCAT’s Guide to Relational Engine
  2. SQLCAT’s Guide to High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  3. SQLCAT’s Guide to BI and Analytics

Interesting chapters from SQLCAT’s Guide to Relational Engine:

  • DBCC Checks and Terabyte-Scale Databases 4
  • Scheduling Sub-Minute Log Shipping in SQL Server 2008 10
  • SQL DMVStats Toolkit 24
  • Top SQL Server 2005 Performance Issues for OLTP Applications 78
  • Table-Valued Functions and tempdb Contention 80
  • Resolving PAGELATCH Contention on Highly Concurrent INSERT Workloads 95
  • SQL Server Indexing: Using a Low-Selectivity BIT Column First Can Be the Best Strategy 99
  • Bulk Loading Data into a Table with Concurrent Queries 135
  • Eliminating Deadlocks Caused By Foreign Keys with Large Transactions 174
  • Storage Top 10 Best Practices 225

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